What happens when I report a post?

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The report form will be sent to the moderators "Reports" forum and may be read by whichever moderators are on duty at the time.

If you report a post for violating the Forum Rules, the moderator team will evaluate the reported post to see if it breaks any rules. If not, they'll take no other action. If the post breaks rules, they'll usually edit or remove the post. Depending on the situation they'll remind the user about the rule or, in serious or repeated cases, apply discipline (a thread-ban, warning, exclusion or ban).

If you report a post because it's a duplicate, in the wrong thread or forum, or for some other technical reason, the moderators will take care of the problem.

Every report is reviewed but you will usually not receive a reply. If the moderators think that it would be beneficial to give you feedback on a report, they may on occasion send you a notification that the post you reported was taken care of, or that no action was deemed necessary.

No matter what the outcome, we thank you for reporting a post that you thought might represent a problem. You're helping the community this way.

If you want to report a more general forum problem use the Contact Form instead.
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