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Adapted from my Dad's recipe... (measurements are approx.)


Chicken thighs 1kg
Cornflour, 2 tbsp
Rice wine, 100 ml
White vinegar, 50
soy sauce, 75 ml
6 garlic cloves
1 'piece' of ginger (1 - 2 tbsp chopped)
Chicken stock - 300 ml
2 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp malayisan style hot chilli sauce
1.5 tbsp sugar
100g cashew nuts

Cut chicken thighs into bite size pieces.
Marinate in cornflour, 1 egg, 1 good squirt/slosh each of rice wine, white vinegar and soy sauce for approx. 20 mins
Slice 1 large onion
finely chop garlic and ginger
Make up 1 tbsp of cornflour and water in a jug/mug
Make up/defrost/ find chicken stock in a jug/mug
Make up - tomato puree, malaysian style hot chilli sauce, sugar, remaining rice wine, white vinegar and soy sauce - mix in a mug/jug

Stir fry chicken pieces in small batches until just golden and set aside
fry onions in same pan until translucent
add garlic, ginger and cashew nuts - stir to mix then add chicken before cashew nuts start to catch (be quick!)
fry for a few minutes until onion starting to go golden in places
add tomato puree mix, bring to vigorous bubble
add chicken stock and bring back to boil
add cornflour and bring back to boil

Serve with rice - can also be frozen and gently reheated (thus can be enjoyed straight after a run).
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