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Discussion in 'Ultra Running and Adventure Racing' started by darts180, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. darts180

    darts180 New Member

    hey could you share at here what it's like on the build up for the 1st ultra run event. from what I heard it's like you go much slower and more drinks and snacks and add hiking for the hills instead of wasting energy then run flats and downhill sections but slower than you marathon pace yeah. I'm very interested to learn more at here as the furthest I've ever ran is 26.3 miles according to strava yeah.
  2. OP

    darts180 New Member

    I've seen on strava where people do like a 30 plus mile long run but it looks more like a walk from the pacing where it say average pace 14 minute mile. I think they are just getting used to the distance. I think the best ultra runner's seem to do average pace 10 minute mile, it's a different thing compared to training for a half or full marathon yeah.
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